Danum Valley - Borneo - Graham Bailey Photography

10 May 2015 - Magic mushrooms

No this isn't photoshopped, these mushrooms actually glow in the dark. If you walked past with your torch on then you probably wouldn't notice but when you turn the lights out you can clearly see them glowing green. They aren't very bright so this took a 30s exposure and quite a lot of trial and error to get the levels right so I probably spent about half an hour or so taking a few photos of them. Earlier in the day there had been a bit of excitement in the camp. A guy came rushing across playing a bird song on his phone and set up his camera and then 4 little red and black birds flew in to the trees nearby. They were Bornean bristleheads, which I'd actually seen on my walk that morning but not realised how much of a target they are for the birders here.

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