Danum Valley - Borneo - Graham Bailey Photography

08 May 2015 - Tree frog

I went to Danum Valley conservation area today for the start of a 3 night stay. There are only two places you can stay in the reserve - a super expensive but probably very nice eco lodge or the field centre which is aimed at scientists but takes tourists who don't have the budget for the main lodge so I went for the latter. It's also self guided unless you take a guide with you so would be a good test of my spotting skills. From the bus on the way there Peter spotted a pygmy elephant so I'd obviously found a good travelling companion for this stint. It didn't stay long enough to get any photos and we arrived just in time for dinner so I was depending on the night drive to get my photo for the day. When we tried to book the drive they weren't sure if there would be any rangers available so after waiting for an hour we decided to go for a walk instead. I found a few interesting things including one of my favourite photographic subjects - a tree frog, but then the walk got cut short as the ranger came looking for us to take us on the night drive. It was fairly quiet but we saw a couple of civets, a giant flying squirrel and a couple of flamebacks. When we got back there was a lot of noise coming from a little pond by the hostel so I had a bit of a search round there and after initially not being able to find anything despite all the calls I got my eye in and found about a dozen tree frogs and a snake, presumably hunting the frogs in the pond.

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