Ayutthaya - Graham Bailey Photography

24 Mar 2015 - Ayuthaya

Hiring bikes seems to be the way to see Ayuthaya so that's what we did today. There are a lot of temples to see and some of the better ones are on the edge of town so getting round them on foot would be hard work. On the whole it was a good option although going over the main bridge, which has 3 lanes and then merging with two more lanes on the other side was a bit scary, as was the unwanted attention of some of the dogs. we survived it though and got to see a lot of the town. The temples here are very different to those in Bangkok and I much preffered the ones here. For a start they are ruins. I'm not sure why I like this, maybe it's that is shows it's age more and nature taking things back, like this buddha's head in the tree roots. They also have a bit more space and the layout seems more planned, but maybe that comes from them being in ruins so half the walls are missing and so things seem more spacious. I've also seen my first elephants of the trip here, although not wild of course. We're off to Khao Yai tomorrow though so maybe we'll see some wild ones there.