Khao Yai National Park - Graham Bailey Photography

27 Mar 2015 - Pit viper at Khao Yai

Today essentially followed a similar format to yesterday but ended up very different. We only got a couple of fleeting glances of hornbills today, despite waiting for about an hour watching a nest hole. We did get an even better view of the gibbons today though, and I got some shots of them swinging between the trees that will make it up here when I get the rest of my photos up, probably in a couple of months when I get home, but for now I'm going to keep it to one photo a day on here and the highlight today was the snakes. First was this Vogels pit viper that was sleeping on a fern just off the path, then when we were waiting at the hornbill nest our guides found a whipsnake and a scorpion. We spent some more time in the morning looking for elephants but again to no avail, we did see a bird of prey being mobbed by smaller birds (I should be able to get an actual ID on this but not til I get a proper look at the photos). The plan for the afternoon was more elephant hunting and a trip to a viewpoint at the top of the highest mountain in the park. Another thunderstorm saw an end to that idea though and it was starting to look like the whole afternoon would be a washout. Towards the end of the afternoon the rain did stop though and the sun broke through creating a very atmospheric mist as it evaporated the water off the road. We passed a couple of accidents later, unfortunately not that big a surprise given the way everyone seems happy to overtake on blind bends. A few minutes later we turned a corner to see two cars reversing towards us. It took me a couple of seconds to realise what was going on and then I saw the elephant strolling down the road ahead of them. We joined the convoy reversing away from it until it took a trail off to the side. He was covered in mud so had obviously been enjoying the thunderstorm. One more day of this tomorrow and then we have to decide where to go next, planning never was my strongest point. More Khao Yai photos will be going up here:

Khao Yai